The “Gestion et Exploitation du Port de Beyrouth “is calling for an international bid to Manage, Operate and Maintain the Container Terminal at the Port of Beirut.


Those who intend to participate in this bid must collect the Tender Documents from the Cabinet of the Port of Beirut, fifth floor, from Friday the 17th of January, 2020 during the regular working hours against a sum of /10.000/$ (Ten thousand US dollars).


The deadline to submit the offers is Tuesday the 17th of March, 2020

at noon (12:00).


Tender Documents are also published on the Port website :  www.portdebeyrouth.com


Moreover, The Port has put at the disposal of the participants to this bid a  DATA ROOM” where they can get additional detailed data available by appointment. 


For these participants a ‟ PREBID MEETING” will be held on Thursday the 20th of February, 2020 at 10h am at the Port.


Those who want to participate in this Bid and for further information, may contact the Cabinet of the Port by using one of the two following phone numbers: 00961-1-587075



Or, by email       :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


To download the tender document click here

To download the CT management, operation and maintenance contract click here



         Beirut on        17 /  01   /2020

            The President General Director

 Hassan Kamel Kraytem